Preventing anterior knee pain

Anterior Knee Pain can be prevented: Knee straps Running on softer surfaces Gradual progressive loading of exercise Foot Orthotics Read full article here:  

Shin splints 101

MEDIAL TIBIAL STRESS SYNDROME AKA – SHIN SPLINTS Medial Tibial Stress Syndrome is a common injury of the lower leg in athletes. What is Medial Tibial Stress Syndrome? Medial tibial stress syndrome is a common injury in runners and…

Why Exercise?

Understanding the “Why” behind Movement & Exercise How do our mindset and beliefs around exercise affect the decisions we make? This blog explores the nitty-gritty of the “why” movement and exercise are beneficial to you in order…

4Running Run Clinic -Join up!

4running Run Clinic Would you like to improve your running economy by learning to run more efficiently? Have injuries derailed your attempts to improve as a runner before? Would you like to learn how to fuel your runs? Do you want…
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Breaking the cycle of chronic pain

Breaking the cycle of chronic pain. What is chronic pain? Upto one in five Canadian adults suffer from chronic pain. It also affects one in five people globally and is the primary reason people seek medical treatment. In most cases,…
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Lower Back Pain When Walking or Running

Lower Back Pain When Walking or Running As Physiotherapists a regular complaint by patients is the experience of increasing lower back pain when walking or running. There is a common misconception that because we are undertaking exercises…