Christian Louwers


Christian Louwers is a graduate from the University of Western Ontario’s Physical Therapy program. He has returned to Vancouver Island to soak up the many natural attractions that the Island has to offer and help promote the health, wellness, and function of the island’s residents.

Christian enjoys maintaining an active lifestyle and likes to regularly partake in a variety of activities such as: hiking, running, strength training, volleyball, and badminton. Above all of these, Christian is a die-hard soccer fan and lives and breathes the sport! He watches all the English Premier League games, and constantly studies the current trends and dynamics of the beautiful game. In addition to watching the game, he has played competitive soccer for over a decade!

Christian strives to marry his background knowledge as an athlete with his clinical expertise. He studies the best available evidence offered in the physiotherapy literature to provide the highest standard of client-centered care possible.

Christian understands that life is too short to not be able to enjoy the activities that we love. His goal as a physiotherapist is to create an environment that cultivates a strong practitioner-patient relationship; with the intent of promoting trust, belief, and effective independent management to allow us to overcome disability and manage/improve our physical function. He believes that doing so will empower us to pursue our health-related goals and open gateways to realizing our potential as human beings!