Sports Physiotherapy

Sports Physiotherapy is a specialization which deals with injuries and issues related to athletics. Our team will help you recover & rehabilitate. We will provide education and resources to prevent recurring injuries.

Several of us have competed at an elite level and continue to challenge ourselves and our own bodies. Over the years, we have treated numerous Olympians, national champions, varsity and professional athletes. We have worked with athletes in a multitude of different sports including: Running, Cycling, Swimming, Rowing, Soccer, Hockey, Baseball, Golf, Tennis, Climbing, and CrossFit.  We have travelled overseas with our National Teams and worked with International Sporting Federations.  We are happy to share our knowledge and experience with all patients.

What is Sports Therapy?

Sports Physiotherapy is the specialized branch of Physical Therapy which deals with injuries and issues related to athletics. Experts in sports physiotherapy do research, help athletes recover from injuries, and provide education and resources to prevent problems. Therapy services are generally available to persons of all ages engaged in sports at any level of competition.

Research efforts in sports physiotherapy lead to a better understanding of sports injuries and improved rehabilitation techniques. Scientists and engineers in biomedical research and development laboratories design equipment to help athletes recover from injuries and prevent future problems. For example, an engineer may design a new type of brace for an athlete with a torn knee ligament a common injury in many sports. He or she may experiment with different types of materials and their configurations to create a comfortable, practical, supportive brace that an athlete can wear during activity. Much sports physiotherapy research is also dedicated to the development of better safety gear to protect individuals in different sports.

Physiotherapists who practice sports physiotherapy have extensive knowledge of the array of injuries that can occur when playing sports. Therapists help athletes overcome their injuries and return to their previous levels of activity by offering rehabilitation services and advice on preventing future issues. When an athlete is injured, he or she meets with a physiotherapist to discuss the problem and determine the best rehabilitation plan. He or she may be instructed to take medicine prescribed by a physician and participate in physical therapy regain strength and confidence. Throughout rehabilitation training, the therapist evaluates the athlete’s progress and advises him or her on how to prevent another injury from occurring.

Depending on the type and severity of an injury, successful rehabilitation may take anywhere from a couple hours in light sessions to months or years of intensive training. Some competitive athletes meet with their therapists regularly over the course of their careers to assess the condition of lingering injuries and look for warning signs of that new ones may occur. Some experts provide counseling services to their long-term clients as well, helping athletes make the best career choices to promote their health and safety. With the guidance and treatment provided by skilled therapists and physicians, many athletes are able to fully recover from injuries and return to their sports with ease.

Sports taping techniques are some of the most important and most  visible skills a physiotherapist, sports therapist or athletic trainer   working with sports men and women can have. Taping techniques can help prevent injury as well as protect the athlete from re-injury whilst returning to sport and provide compression to a recently injured joint. At Saanich Physiotherapy and Sports Clinic we are experts in taping and can ensure that you are able to play your sport while ensuring your safety.

What do we Treat?

Sports Therapists, Sports Physiotherapists and Sports Massage Therapists treat a multitude of different musculoskeletal issues. These include strains, sprains, joint injuries, repetitive strain injuries, stress fractures, muscle tears, and biomechanical issues. Basically if you are experiencing pain related to activity, we can treat it! We are experts at running gait analysis, sports biomechanical analysis and bike fits. We always treat the cause of the injury and with our pre-season screening programs can minimize the risk of injury and also maximize performance.

You will be amazed how we can help you fully enjoy the sports you love.