Update on Treatment of tendon injuries

Tendinopathy is a prevalent condition involving degenerative changes within tendons of both children and adults, commonly in the Achilles, rotator cuff, lateral elbow, patellar and hip tendons.

It affects athletic and non-athletic populations and can manifest in persistent pain, swelling, loss of function and diminished movement.

Exercise has long been advocated as part of the treatment process.

Its effectiveness is likely to be influenced not only by the specific exercises but also the magnitude of the stimulus, quantified by the concept of exercise dose. At the most basic level in clinical settings, exercise dose comprises three variables: intensity, volume and frequency, with overall exercise dose quantified as the product of all three.

We want to use science to ensure we are always doing the right treatment, for the right person and the right time! And research shows we have to challenge the system to get results…

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