Hot off the Press! Updated Knee Pain Recommendations

Fresh off the press! Here is a review from the Journal of the American Medical Association looking at assessment and treatment of knee pain.

Some interesting information here:


Knee pain accounts for approximately 5% of all general practice presentations.

Three of the most common causes of knee pain globally are osteoarthritis (OA) (654 million individuals or 23% of adults aged >40 years), patellofemoral pain
(PFP) (lifetime prevalence of approximately 25%), and meniscal tears (620 million adults or 12% of the general adult population).

This Review summarizes current evidence regarding the diagnosis and treatment of these knee conditions.

Knee OA, PFP, and meniscal tears are common causes of knee pain, can be diagnosed clinically, and can be associated with significant disability. First-line treatment for each condition consists of conservative management, with a focus on exercise, education, and self-management.

Here is a link to the full article: