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Lower body Osteoarthritis and Activity: The Goldilocks effect

Not too much, not too little – Just right.

Over the years research has dramatically moved toward supporting the idea that our bodies are made to move. This movement makes us stronger can contribute to not only recovery from injury but also prevention of future injury.

At the clinic we enjoy helping patients to use exercise for good to help a multitude of different conditions. The evidence on running related osteoarthritis is a wonderful proxy for Osteoarthritis in other areas of the body related to other activities. What is clear is that all of us will have osteoarthritis eventually, and that isn’t a bad thing because in most cases having osteoarthritis (diagnosed on X-ray) does not cause pain or limit function.

We’ve tried to put a few articles together here to highlight the current research:

Here are the questions:


Are Olympic athletes more likely to develop Osteoarthritis, perhaps because of excess activity?



Can Marathon running training actually help my joints?



Are the perspectives of Health Care practitioners changing related to running?



How can I safely build up my training without getting injured?



As you can see with these quality articles show running can be helpful for the joints if done in the right amount. With this in mind we can extrapolate to injury management of other areas of the body related to different activities.


Not too much, not too little – just right.