Naturally reduce blood pressure with exercise.

Having high blood pressure has been consistently linked with a multitude of negative health conditions. According to Wikipedia: High blood pressure usually does not cause symptoms.[1] It is, however, a major risk factor for stroke, coronary…

Exercise to reduce blood pressure infographic

Have you ever wondered what the best forms of exercise are to reduce blood pressure? Please check out this infographic because solutions might be easier than you think.

Physical Exercise for Mental Health

A compelling recent article in the British Journal of Sports Medicine has delved into the topic of using Physical Exercise to help Mental Health. ⇒ Previous research trials suggest that physical activity may have similar effects to psychotherapy…
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Lower body Osteoarthritis and Activity: The Goldilocks effect

Not too much, not too little - Just right. Over the years research has dramatically moved toward supporting the idea that our bodies are made to move. This movement makes us stronger can contribute to not only recovery from injury but also…
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Small steps, Strong shield: The benefits of Exercise to fight COVID

From the British Medical Journal: This is a ground breaking study to support the benefits of Exercise to prevent serious symptoms of COVID. (1) using objectively measured physical activity data to demonstrate a positive association between…

4Running Run Clinic -Join up!

4running Run Clinic Would you like to improve your running economy by learning to run more efficiently? Have injuries derailed your attempts to improve as a runner before? Would you like to learn how to fuel your runs? Do you want…
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Patellofemoral Syndrome. What the latest research tells us.

By Scott Simpson Saanich Physiotherapy + Sports Clinic Anterior knee pain has been shown to affect 1 in 4 of people in general population with increases in athletes (McConnell), likewise a study by Almedia, found that the problem affects 7-40%…