Osteoporosis Injury Prevention

This consensus statement aimed to determine the physical activity and exercise needed to optimise bone strength, reduce fall and fracture risk, improve posture and manage vertebral
fracture symptoms, while minimising potential risks in people with osteoporosis. The scope of this statement was developed following stakeholder consultation.
Meta-analyses were reviewed and where evidence was lacking, individual studies or expert opinion were used to develop recommendations. A multidisciplinary expert group reviewed evidence to make recommendations, by consensus when evidence was not available.

Key recommendations are that people with osteoporosis should undertake

(1) resistance and impact exercise to maximise bone strength. – STRONG

(2) activities to improve strength and balance to reduce falls.  – STEADY

(3) spinal extension exercise to improve posture and potentially reduce risk of falls and vertebral fractures. – STRAIGHT

Full article here: https://tinyurl.com/SPSCOsteo