Preventing anterior knee pain

Anterior Knee Pain can be prevented: Knee straps Running on softer surfaces Gradual progressive loading of exercise Foot Orthotics Read full article here:  

Research on Quality MSK Care – Key Points

Key Points: Please feel free to download full article:   The challenges:   1. Overuse of imaging: between 25% and 42% of patients…

Back to Balance with Laura Graham

Back to Balance with Laura Graham   This brand new one-on-one balance program now being offered through Saanich Physiotherapy at our Elk Lake location is specifically geared towards our senior clients that wish to maintain or further…
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Tracking Progress and Getting Stronger

TRACKING YOUR INJURY RECOVERY PROGRESS Recovering from an injury takes time and tracking your injury recovery progress can be a challenging time for you. Your recovery process can be influenced by a large number of factors all influencing…
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Breaking the cycle of chronic pain

Breaking the cycle of chronic pain. What is chronic pain? Upto one in five Canadian adults suffer from chronic pain. It also affects one in five people globally and is the primary reason people seek medical treatment. In most cases,…
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Knee Pain Solutions

Knee pain comes in many forms with many different causes. While treatment for every person and condition will be different in each case, here are a few tips that may help to reduce knee pain throughout the day. 1. Choose supportive footwear One…
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Plantar Fasciitis – Our arch enemy

Plantar fasciitis may sound like a new gardening fad, rather than the straining of the ‘plantar fascia’, or put in simple terms the band (fascia) of the foot (plantar). Known as ‘joggers heel’ because of the high incidence of this condition…
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Physiotherapy for Chronic Pain

Physiotherapy for Chronic Pain While pain killers may be useful in controlling the symptom of discomfort, one should know that unless the cause of pain is addressed, the endless cycle of recurrent pain can be highly likely. We all had experience…