Exercise…Heads we win, tails we don’t lose much.

So exercise can be beneficial, but also potential detrimental if excessive and inappropriate..

Generally, however, exercise is beneficial and for the vast majority of issues, even the most challenging cases.


The problem:

People with multimorbidity (two or more medical conditions) have poorer physical and psychosocial health and higher risk of hospital admission and premature death. The complexity and increased burden of multimorbidity presents challenges for healthcare systems.
Therefore, the current standard of care for patients with multimorbidity includes visiting many healthcare professionals and reviewing different pharmacological treatments with inherent risk of side effects.

This is often unsatisfactory for the patients.


The solution:

Our systematic review found that exercise therapy seems safe and beneficial for people with multimorbidity (as defined in our study), as for patients with single chronic conditions, hence, it should be considered as a treatment option. People with multimorbidity can expect to improve their psychosocial and physical health by exercising two to three times a week regardless of the combinations of conditions we investigated.


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