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Headaches 101 Prevent and cure

Pain of any type that occurs in any part of the head is called a headache. There are many different types of headaches, with just as many causes. The International Headache Society describes several different categories of headache: •Tension-type •Migraine…
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Forward Head Posture related to Neck and Back Pain

As we can see, the head is leaning forward and putting extra strain on the person’s neck and shoulders, increase the risk factor to their health. In fact, for every inch your head leans forward, it gains a massive ten pounds in weight that…
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Upper Back and Neck Pain

Upper back and neck pain   Firstly, I want to be clear as to the type of problem we are talking about. This is an aching pain and muscular tension in the upper back and neck which is not due to a specific injury. It is most common in office…