How many people does WorkSafeBC serve?
Almost 215,000 employers 2.19 million workers are covered
How many phone calls does WorkSafeBC receive every working day?
An average of 20,000+ calls
How many pages of documentation does WorkSafeBC receive every working day?
WorkSafeBC receives nearly a million claims-related documents per year. That is about 4,000 documents and around 16,000 pages per day.
How many workplaces in B.C. are covered by WorkSafeBC?
Percentage of injured workers who rate their experience with WorkSafeBC as good or very good:
Percentage of employers who rate their experience as good or very good:
Percentage of public who believe WorkSafeBC is making a positive contribution to B.C.:
What is the percentage of male to female injured workers?
64% were men; 36% were women
What is the average age of an injured worker?
How many young workers (under age 25) were injured in 2012?
6,655 (13%)
How many workers over age 55 were injured in 2012?
9,455 (18%)
How many days were lost from work to injury?
2.9 million
What were the top five injuries (number of claims) in 2012?
Strains (excluding back strains): 18,420 Back strains: 12,070 Cuts: 5,110 Contusions: 4,660 Fractures: 3,520
How many fatal claims were accepted in 2012?
How many short-term disability claims were paid for the first time in 2012?
When a worker was injured on the job, how long was it from the day of disablement to the first payment on a claim?
19.7 days
What was the average number of days paid for short-term disability claims?
60.1 days
What are the top industry subsectors for claims?
Construction; health care/social assistance; retail; accommodation, food, and leisure services; transportation and related services
How many injuries were reported last year?
How many claims were accepted last year?
In 2012, WorkSafeBC accepted (claims first paid) 104,710
What percentage of claims were disallowed in 2012?
How many health and safety inspections were done in 2012?
How many health and safety orders were written in 2012?
How many penalties were imposed in 2012?
What was the value of penalties imposed in 2012?