When getting orthotics patients should expect quality, value and reliability. How do you know you are getting good value for your money? At Saanich Physiotherapy and Sports Clinic we provide customised care as no two patients are alike.

Many factors influence the quality for a particular patient, including type of orthotics, materials used, the physical condition requiring the orthotics and very importantly, the amount of follow up visits to monitor the progress and improvement.

We specialize in contidion specific and activity specific orthotics: heel spur, plantar faciitis, etc. Different types of foot orthotics are better suited for different activities such as standing, or walking on the job, and sport specific orthotics (e.g., golf, skiing). Long distance runners are in a class of their own. Their lower limb conditions may be very challenging, requiring special orthotics.

Special focus is on difficult cases of orthotics treatment. These conditions usually are more “Stubborn” and may require some extra fine tuning of orthotics or even a remake. In these cases a new cast may be taken and new orthotics manufactured at no extra cost to the patient.

We produce customized foot orthotics starting from assessment, biomechanical exam, gait analysis, diagnosing, casting of the feet, prescribing and designing the orthotics, manufacturing on site and fine tuning if and when needed. Next to the medical doctors, registered physical therapists are primary care practitioners with at least of 3 years of post graduation training, and can diagnose and treat foot conditions as well as prescribe biomechanical devices such as orthotics. Most extended health insurance plans cover all or part of the cost.

There are two main types of orthotics:

Over the counter types, available in drugstores, can ease minor heel and arch pain and offer somewhat extra support in a running or walking shoe. Many are too flexible to offer much more than padding, but they can be a good place to start. They cost approximately $40.

Prescription orthotics or custom-molded inserts are made to fit the foot precisely from a cast taken of the feet and from a thorough biomechanical examination. They may be recommended for heel spurs or plantar fasciitis (an inflammation of the tissue that connects the heel to the toes). They are available only at a foot specialists office. They cost around $400 and the cost of the is covered by most extended health insurance plans and includes adjustments if needed and a warranty.

We would be happy to assess to see if you are a good candidate for orthotics.