Our bodies are a lot like ecosystems. Every atom, cell, bone, and muscle is connected- and inter-related. However, similar to ecosystems, things get out of balance from time to time. We should follow proper health habits that prevent injuries while helping us to recover from aches and pains that we experience when we play our favorite sports.
1. Poor warm ups can aggravate a muscle injury
When starting exercise, begin with light movements to get the blood flowing and loosen up the tissues.
2. Icing the Area
Cooling down an area is a great way to reduce inflammation. To prevent an ice burn, always cover the ice with a towel. If you do get an ice burn, use aloe vera, or a prescribed skincare medicine by your physician. Let your shoulder warm up after using ice for ten minutes, before reapplying a cold press to the area.
3. Heating the Area
While icing the shoulder reduces swelling, applying a warm pack warms up the muscles in the area, making it easier to use your shoulder. Similar to icing your shoulder, enforce a ten-minute limit on applying heat, cooling the area before reapplication.
4. Massaging Muscles Before a Game Loosens You Up
Physios often massage muscles in the process of providing therapeutic treatment.When experiencing muscle pain, give your injury a gentle massage before you play tennis. Massages help alleviate stress and pain by keeping blood circulating.
5. Watch your posture
Avoid slouching, which puts stress on parts of your body, including your shoulder, by distributing pressure in an uneven fashion. Consulting with your physiotherapist can help teach you how to utilize proper posture to reduce the amount of stress on your body.
6. Seek treatment when necessary
Sometimes, when you’ve done everything that you can to alleviate the pain in your shoulder, seeking help from a professional can make a world of difference.  Sports injuries, sometimes require treatment beyond what you’re capable of doing yourself.