My name is Jillian Carson and I am a physiotherapist living a great life with Parkinson’s in Victoria BC. I was Dx in 2008 and I am now 52. We have all recently finished the Parkinson’s Canada Super walk. Congratulations to all who participated! Who felt great after the walk? I did! Have any of you had a chance to look at the Physical Activity and resource guide for Parkinson’s disease which was posted on the Canadian Parkinson’s website? The exercises were developed by physiotherapists in Canada and have been endorsed by the Canadian Physiotherapy Association. Go have a look! The guide was developed just for us who live with Parkinson’s disease. It provides great information on how we can benefit and improve our Parkinson’s symptoms by doing stretching, strengthening, flexibility, balance and aerobic exercises. More and more research is showing that exercise CAN improve our symptoms and may even slow the progression of the disease. Exercise is beneficial to everyone not just PWP but it makes sense to me that since we have a movement disorder movement is good for us. It should become a part of our everyday life. The best way to get started is to go look at the exercises posted, get yourself a copy of the tracking tool and start recording your physical activity.
Here in Victoria, I help my local PD family by sharing my knowledge of the health care system and my experience as a physiotherapist. I participate as a volunteer at the Victoria Epilepsy and Parkinson’s Centre in an ongoing Falls Prevention Clinic for high risk people with Parkinson’s. (PWP) I help to identify risks for falling, share ways to prevent the falls, help the caregivers prevent injuries to themselves, teach exercises to improve balance and gait, visit isolated clients, and help newly diagnosed PWP with insurance forms.
This keeps me physically active and able to share my skills with my local Parkinson’s family. I have also registered in Becky Farley’s Exercise Wellness Recovery /Exercise 4 Brain Change, clinician training for physiotherapists. This is the LSVT BIG program of exercises for Parkinson’s disease. I can’t wait to have my certificate and share the exercises with my PD family.
Go look at the guide, I DARE YOU TO!!