Booking Made Easy 24/7- Jane is always available, anytime, anywhere!

Meet Jane!

Convenient for Patients

Patients can view their upcoming appointments and cancel or reschedule visits
Patients can view their appointment history
Practitioners can post documents, notes and chart entries to a patient’s account. Great for exercise instructions, reference information, lab results, and xrays

Easy to book an appointment in just a few clicks

Online booking with Jane works seamlessly with the clinic’s schedule. There’s never a delay or discrepancy in what a patient sees in the calendar versus what  staff sees.

Easy and fun to use

Intuitive, visual and totally online

Patients quickly see which therapists are available

Choose Your Practitioner and Speciality

At a glance, clients can see all the services, treatments and availabilities offered and select from them.

Filter a search to see only the information you need

Patients can create an appointment with a specific practitioner if they have a preference

Patients can choose from available therapists if they have a specific time slot in mind

Send Receipts By Email

Most of us have trouble keeping track of our receipts, and nobody likes waiting around to receive new copies.

Enter emailable invoices: clients will absolutely love this feature!

A patient’s entire appointment record can be called up at the touch of a button

Patients appreciate the convenience of not having to leave their home to replace misplaced receipts

Emailing receipts reduces paper costs, postage and paper waste

Email Notifications

Jane reduces the number of forgotten or missed appointments by automatically emailing patients helpful reminders.

Patients also receive an email confirmation at the time of booking

Set reminders to be sent 24 hours / 48 hours etc. before the appointment