Neck Pain
Neck pain or a stiff neck are extremely common and can affect your life in so many different ways.  Whether it be sharp neck pain, dull muscular aches, headache, or an inability to fully move your head, a sore neck can be very frustrating yet it’s simple to fix in the majority of cases.
There are many causes of neck pain. It is important to make an accurate diagnosis of the cause of your neck pain so that appropriate treatment can be directed at the cause.
Please consult your physiotherapist or doctor for the most accurate diagnosis and best treatment for your neck pain.
What Causes Neck Pain?

Neck Joints and Muscles
Commonly we find that neck joints (cervical spine) become stiff or locked much like a rusty hinge. This in turn usually causes protective muscle spasm of some neck and shoulder muscles and weakness of others. The longer this abnormal scenario exists, the harder it is to reverse the habit. Your neck posture alters, which strains adjacent joints and muscles, and the condition cyclically deteriorates. Ultimately you end up with a sore neck.
The interesting thing about necks is that one stiff neck joint or one weak or tight muscle can have a dramatic effect if not fixed quickly. We often see patients who have unsuccessfully tried various neck treatment techniques. What we normally find it that it is a combination of neck joint, muscle stretching, massage, acupuncture, neural tissue, strength exercise and postural techniques that are required to reverse some well established poor habits.
Your physiotherapist is highly skilled at the diagnosis and treatment of mechanical neck pain. The old days of having to crack a joint to fix it are virtually gone; along with the safety concerns!
However, we understand that neck pain is not solely about joints and not solely about neck muscles. There is a whole gambit of information that your physiotherapist will analyse and correct if needed to resolve your individual problem.
New research has shown that a combination of neck joint and muscle treatment performed by your physiotherapist and some specific strengthening exercises are an effective way to eliminate your neck pain, stiffness and headaches.  The good news is that you can also reduce your chances of neck pain returning significantly if you do the right thing quickly.
Please contact us for more specific advice on your neck pain.
If you are in severe neck pain or have a stiff neck, it is best to commence neck treatment straight away.  Your physiotherapist has numerous tricks that can help to quickly relieve your neck pain and muscle spasm.  Long-term stiffness can be treated effectively at any time.  If you are not sure what to do, please call us for advice. We’ll happily guide you in your time of need.