Moving Mamas!

Did you recently have a child and are experiencing low back pain, pelvic dysfunction, or just want to get back to exercising regularly?

Moving Mamas is a 6 week virtual exercise class for post-partum women led by Physiotherapist, Maggie Bell. It includes individual assessments and specific exercise plans along with a 1 hr virtual group exercise class once a week with all new mom’s enrolled in the program.

The cost is $249, which includes 2 individual assessments and 6 one hour long classes. It can be billed under your health insurance plan as Physiotherapy. The start date for the virtual classes will be March 15th 2021 6pm-7pm.

This program uses evidence based guidelines and exercises to reduce low back pain, improve pelvic dysfunction, and help new mom’s return to their exercise of choice in a safe manner that will prevent re-occurring pain and injuries. Even if you do not suffer from incontinence or prolapse after delivery, your core and pelvic floor need to recover, realign and get stronger after having a baby. It’s wise to start this process before resuming activities like running to prevent injury.

All participating moms will also be able to gain a new social and support network as motivation and encouragement for lifelong physical activity!

Call Saanich Physiotherapy and Sports Clinic at 250 652 0132 to book your initial assessment with Maggie and ensure you are suited for the program.