Chronic back pain

Pain can be unbearable at times.  Pain, as you know, can affect you both physically, mentally, as well as emotionally due to its debilitating and degenerative effects.
There are, unfortunately, many different causes that may be the culprit toward your chronic back pain.  The most important thing, right now, is to identify the reason behind what is making you suffer such pain in your back.  There may be many causes, but there are also many treatments and even cures for your troubling back problems.
The key, now, is to take the action required to feel better and live a more active life.

Common Chronic Back Pain Causes

Many things can contribute to the pain in your back.  Some are from normal aging and some may be from damage sustained to your nerves that happened a long time ago.  Here are some common issues that may contribute to your back pain:
•A misshaped spine (scoliosis)
•Normal aging
•Degenerative disc diseases
•Being overweight
•Gaining weight over an unusually short period of time
•Poor posture due to any of the above mentioned
•Back injury due to heavy lifting

Uncontrollable Causes of Back Pain

Scoliosis is a fairly common congenital occurrence and most of the cases are not noticeable enough to cause back pain or strain.  At other times, though, scoliosis can be a serious cause of chronic back discomfort over time.  Degenerative discs in your spine are more than likely caused by the aging process of your body’s tissues, bones and ligaments.  It is important to maintain a healthy diet and exercise routine on a daily basis in order to stave off the negative effects of aging on your body.

Controllable Causes of Back Pain

The majority of people, especially in developed countries, are overweight or obese due to genetics and poor, excessive diet choices.  The extra weight that your body has to hold upright, is not healthy for your back.  Many women are faced with making the choice of having a breast reduction because their backs can’t take the weight any longer.  Then there are others who gain an excessive amount of weight too quickly, placing extra strain on their unsuspecting back column.
Even if you are not overweight, posture can still be a factor. It is very important to practice good body posture by standing up straight, pulling your shoulders back and holding your chin up, level to the ground beneath your feet.
This simple body language trick can also give you the extra boost of confidence needed from dealing with all that pain.
In addition to proper posture, picking heavy objects up properly is another thing to remember to do when the need arises.  This type of chronic back pain can be caused by an injury that you have sustained after forgetting the proper way to pick up a heavy object.