Running Analysis
We are proud to offer Running Assessments to our community on the Saanich Peninsula and runners in Brentwood Bay, Sidney, and Victoria. Our Physiotherapist Scott Simpson has worked with our National Track and Field team internationally and has taken numerous courses in this area. He is also a former Canadian 10k Champion who has spent years learning and enjoying the sport.
Session One: Initial Clinical Evaluation
This session includes:

  • Injury and running history information forms:
    Information pertaining to all the factors that may have an influence on current or possible future injuries.
  • One-on-one interview:
    A detailed and in-depth personal interview to discuss current problems, past injuries, medical history, present running level and goals.
  • Physical assessment:
    To identify your physical alignment and any factors that could limit or contribute to your running biomechanics, including: range of motion, muscular imbalances, skeletal alignment, posture, and flexibility.

Session Two: Running Evaluation
This session includes:

  • Biomechanical and Technical assessment:
    As running is a highly technical sport, your movement patterns and technique will be assessed first and corrections implemented.
    The biomechanical evaluation focuses on assessing joint integrity, balance, strength and flexibility throughout run and stride.
    Following the on track assessment, recommendations are made to maximize your running and minimize your risk of injury or pain. A personalized detailed training plan including training modifications, stretches, exercises and technique drills will be included.

Runner Benefits

  • Eliminate reoccurring hip pain
  • Decrease foot numbness and pain
  • Ensure you’re doing everything you can to have a successful training and/or marathon experience
  • Learn if you’re wearing the correct running shoe
  • Learn strengthening and flexibility exercises to remain injury free
  • Learn exercises to stabilize ankles, knees and hips
  • Get ideas for injury prevention
  • Receive advise and solutions for reoccurring injuries
  • Run longer distances without discomfort
  • Learn about running orthotics and if an orthotic could assist you in remaining injury free
  • Find out if your current orthotic is suitable for running
  • Receive running form analysis to improve your stride
  • Resume running and return to your marathon training program
  • Determine how to proceed running without constant pain/stiffness
  • Learn if your previous knee surgery will cause other problems if you continue to run
  • Biomechanical analysis for your knees to feel better