What are Facet Joints?

Facet joints are located on either side of the spine. Their job is to support body weight and enable spinal movement.

How do they contribute to Pain?

Facet joints can be put under stress and injured by excessive bending of the spine and lifting or twisting movements. Injuries from fast joints can be acute (short term or new injuries due to an excessive movement) or chronic (occurring over along period of time due to the continual misuse or overuse of the spine).

Contributing Factors: Poor posture, lumbar spine stiffness, a sedentary lifestyle, poor core stability, muscle weakness or tightness, muscle imbalances, inappropriate lifting technique, being overweight, biomechanical abnormalities, a lifestyle involving large amounts of sitting, bending or lifting.

How to know if you have facet joint pain?

Signs and Symptoms: Symptoms are felt on the side of the spine and they often begin during a causative action. Following activity the joints may be stiff and painful. Additional symptoms include; muscle spasm near the joint and pain in the buttock or lower limb region.

Physiotherapy treatment is effective to reduce facet pain and to restore normal movement back to the spine.