Amanda Pomphrey


Amanda graduated with a Bachelor of Athletic and Exercise Therapy before completing a Professional Masters in Physiotherapy from The University College Dublin. She is a certified Athletic Therapist and Exercise Physiologist with a High-Performance Specialization. Through her undergraduate and Master’s studies, Amanda has worked with local sport and university teams in Victoria, as well as paediatrics, care of the elderly, oncology, cardiorespiratory, rheumatology, and neurological rehabilitation patient populations in various parts of Ireland. Her Master’s research dissertation completed a systematic review of The Characteristics of Effective Multimedia-based Education Interventions for Patients with Musculoskeletal Conditions and investigated their influence on knowledge transfer and patient-reported outcomes.

Amanda grew up on the Saanich Peninsula with a passion for all things sports. She played high level soccer for 12 years before transitioning her focus to rowing where she captained the University of Victoria’s Women’s Varsity Rowing Team for 3 seasons. In recent years, Amanda has been heavily involved in coaching at the Victoria City Rowing Club and continues to play soccer in a local women’s league.

Amanda’s goal is to help patients move better through recreation and sport, and remain in activities that bring joy to their life. She believes in a biopsychosocial and client-centered approach to empower her patients. Learning is lifelong and Amanda is passionate about seeking evidence-based treatment to suit client needs.

Amanda is excited and proud to be back on the beautiful West Coast and joining the team at Saanich Physio+