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What is Sciatica? Sciatica is the term used to describe the pain associated with an irritated or pinched sciatic nerve. Nerve impingement occurs when there is ‘compression’ (pressure) on a nerve. The pain is often experienced as one-sided lower back pain which radiates down into the buttock and/or leg region. Others symptoms include; muscle spasm, […]

What is Back Pain?

The lower back is a complex structure made up of interconnecting bones, discs, joints,nerves, ligaments, discs and muscles working together to provide a base of support for the body. This complex structure is susceptible to injury and pain and needs to be stable, flexible and strong. Lower back pain (lumbar pain) may present in a […]

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Back Pain: Motion is lotion

Many patients present with persistent lower back pain that’s caused by sustained poor postures. For many, what they are suffering from is called postural syndrome and it is becoming more and more common in today’s quick society. Your lower back is made up of number of supporting structures such as ligaments, tendons, muscles and connective […]

Physio for Headaches

Headache Physio helping you relieve the pain of Headache and Migraine If you suffer from a headache or migraine pain then Physio can assist you to eliminate or decrease your headache pain without drugs. Our hands-on headache Physio treatment will not only decrease or eliminate your headache pain but we will assess the root cause […]

Sports Injury Physio Victoria

Sports Injuries may occur during any sport, affecting any part of the body. They should be treated by a Physiotherapist experienced with treating Sports Injuries, as timely rehabilitation is critical to avoid a breakdown of the injury during the return to sport. Our staff at Saanich Physiotherapy and Sports Clinic are experienced in the diagnosis […]


Osteoarthritis Victoria BC

For years there has been common thought, among sufferers and health professionals alike, that osteoarthritis (OA) is an irreversible disease process that you just have to learn to “deal with.” “Wrap yourself in cotton wool” and “try not to overdo it” were common mantras in consults between clients and health professionals. In recent years more […]

Headaches : Treatment

HEADACHES Headaches are an extremely common occurrence through out our population and can effect all ages both young and old. There are several different types of headaches each of which vary in cause and consequently treatment. A thorough assessment is absolutely pivotal in determining what headache you are suffering from and the large amount of […]