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40 Years Ago! 1979

Jan 21 Price of gold increases to record $875 troy oz Jan 26 “The Dukes of Hazzard” premieres on US TV network CBS Feb 1 English international forward Trevor Francis becomes Britain’s first £1 million soccer player when he transfers from Birmingham City to Nottingham Forest Feb 10 “Da Ya Think I’m Sexy?” by Rod […]

Hips don’t lie- Hip strength a vital link?

Hip Function Acquiring hip strength and stability is a very specific physical goal. For some the incentive for achieving this goal will be bought on by hip injury or pain. For others it will be to support other physical goals, through engaging power via the largest joints in the body. In some sports the importance […]



Headaches Symptoms Dull/Sharp Ache or throbbing pain in the head or upper neck Pain can be constant / intermittent, commonly in the temples or forehead Pain can refer to jaw, face, neck or shoulders. Pain can refer from neck and shoulders into the head and face. Pain can last minutes or days Often associated with […]


Running Analysis Victoria

Running Analysis Victoria A Running Analysis at Saanich Physio involves one of our experienced Physiotherapists observing and assessing you run. We will watch you in real time and also video you, so that we can analyse your form in slow motion. This kind of analysis is helpful whether you have an injury or if you […]


Have you ever experienced a concussion? Learn about how physiotherapy can help with concussion symptoms and management! Maggie Bell, Physiotherapist Concussions commonly occur in contact sports, motor vehicle accidents, or falls. A concussion may also be referred to as a mild traumatic brain injury (mTBI). The signs and symptoms of a concussion are variable, and […]


IMS, Dry Needling Victoria

What is Dry Needling? Dry Needling is a specialised form of treatment that we use for reducing your pain and inflammation. Your trigger points are targeted with acupuncture needles to treat your pain, muscle tension, injury, and dysfunction. Dry Needling treatment is highly effective and you will often feel immediate pain relief as your muscles […]

Hip Flexor Pain

Your hip flexor muscles can become painful due to a range of issues such as overuse from poor biomechanics and movement patterns or strain of your hip flexor muscles themselves. Your hip flexors are made up of a group of muscles around the hip and pelvis.   Hip Flexor Muscle Strain Hip flexor strains can […]

Tendon Injuries

Tendon Injuries – How do I know if I have Tendinopathy? A graded progressive approach to exercise is the best way to commence any new exercise regimens for tendon health. When you increase your training load too quickly you can cause your tendons to overload and they can be damaged. Tendinopathies, which is a fancy […]